Modern Splashbacks with Trident Glass

Kitchen splashbacks are veering away from combustible stone materials and outdated tiling to sleek mirror and glass which optimise natural lighting to create modern spaces. Trident Glass specialise in modern glass, mirror and printed splashbacks, made to suit the Australian design landscape and stand the test of time and temporary trends. The kitchen should be a clean, welcoming area of the home where we spend majority of our time. Kitchen splashbacks are an easy focal point, and where the eye is naturally drawn, so why not add a beautifully sleek, colourful or modern feature.



Glass Splashbacks








Glass splashbacks are typically made from 6mm toughened glass, which adheres to Australian building standards and made to withstand close heat from cook-tops. Glass splashbacks can be coloured with a variety of options, allowing for design flexibility to suit any kitchen space. Bright coloured glass can be used to create a feature piece in an all white kitchen, or a tonal colour scheme can tie all elements of the room together.


Mirror Splashbacks











Mirror splashbacks aid in opening up a space, making them perfect for smaller kitchens, or when you want to create a clean, sleek atmosphere. These mirror splashbacks aren’t usually clear like a bathroom mirror, they are available in various tints such as Smokey, Silver and Bronze. 

Mirror splashbacks are a safety glass much like toughened glass splashbacks, making them an excellent choice for behind cooktops as a non-combustible material.


Printed Splashbacks









Printed splashbacks are a fun way to add art and patterns to your kitchen, which are especially striking with all-white cabinetry. Printed splashbacks are digitally printed onto glass and can be custom-designed with the image of your choice.

Add character, depth and personality to your home with printed splashbacks, made with toughened glass suitable for installation behind cooktops.


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